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Setting goals for the New Year or New Year's resolution is an increasingly popular tradition, but in the past many people set goals but didn't achieve them. Some people can do it for less than three months. It is analyzed that it is because setting goals is too difficult. Or not being done continuously If so, take a look at some ideas for setting goals for the New Year or New Year's resolution just the way you can. And not too difficult to try, along with tips on achieving goals that have been set to be successful.

Improve sleep conditions
It is not difficult to do. And can easily maintain continuity It is said that the best time to sleep is monk sleep. Which is to sleep at 10:00 and wake up at 4 AM But if you think that is too difficult Try to sleep no later than midnight. And wake up no later than six in the morning That's it, your sleep quality will improve. And the body will have full rest If you can for three months in a row It becomes a habit that you can adjust yourself to have a good sleep quality.

Give yourself more time
Many of them worked so far that they didn't have time to take care of themselves in the last year. This new year, try scheduling yourself once a month or once a week, or even 10 minutes a day to find time to pamper yourself, like going to a massage or spa once a month. Take a full-option shower every Sunday. Scrub type Chaweewan each other from head to toe. Or even wake up early to meditate for 10 minutes every day, just so you can see a change from the inside out in three months.

Getting started with yoga
If last year had only been stunned, this year would be more serious than taking a yoga class. It's a physical and mental workout at the same time that you can do at home. If you don't want to take lessons, try practicing for yourself. And make contact with each other, believe that you will be the body that used to weaken It will have the kind of strength that you cannot imagine.

Reduce the time you play on your smartphone before bed.
Called a habit do better for putting the phone at the head of the bed. Then pick up and plow until you are sleepy, this behavior should stop. Or can be reduced Do this by turning off the phone before bed. Then turned to pick up a book to read You will immediately find The hand that used to hold the phone that was hot with the battery There will be a good feeling when holding the paper before bed.

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Eat more vegetables, stop soft drinks.
Many people are targeting the New Year with weight loss. But still lazy to exercise Actually Weight loss requires a diet as well. If adjusted to walk or climb stairs To use as a weight loss Then turn to diet by eating more vegetables. Reduce the entrance to the pork pan shop once a month. And abstain from soft drinks will be New Year's resolution with weight loss that will definitely work.

Volunteer to work for society
It may be unthinkable to set goals in 2021, but believe it or not, giving something to society immediately. Is that you regain a feeling of self-esteem. So let's set a social work goal this year. Whether it's reading audiobooks to the blind Or join a group of reforestation volunteers Or even working for a foundation that still needs many volunteers in Thailand. Consider dividing your time each month and you will know that by giving back to that society you can see the world better than you are.

Organize their own life
It's a New Year's resolution that isn't difficult, but it's not that easy, because organizing for yourself starts with waking up and making your bed. Tidy up the wardrobe Until setting up a desk Or keeping everything around in order for convenience and ease of handling This is a very simple self-improvement, but it will get more results than you expect, especially in daily life. Let's do it.

Tips for achieving New Year Resolution
Make it over without thinking about the results
When setting New Year's resolution, many people think about the final outcome. Causing many people to not reach In fact, you have to think about your goals and take action rather than thinking more about it, just do it and keep doing it.

Follow up on goals by recording progress.
Note that setting your goals for 2021 will allow you to see progress. And see how long they can continue to develop their own From the record it will make you feel more encouraged. And this log will allow you to achieve your New Year's resolution goal.